Advice line gives parents back-to-school help

Back-to-school advice for parents across a range of important areas is only a phone call away with the launch of the annual Department of Education and Communities' hotline.

The Deputy Director-General, Schools, Greg Prior, said the hotline - 1300 738 338 -offers information about how families can best to prepare for the new school year. 

"More than 767,000 students start back at our 2,225 public schools from Monday, 30 January," Mr Prior added.

 "This can be an anxious time, particularly for parents sending their children to school for the first time, or who have children starting high school.

"I encourage any parents with questions to call the hotline between 8.30am and 4.30pm weekdays until Friday, 24 February.

"Dedicated staff will be on hand to answer any questions about to best prepare children for school – all for the cost of a local landline call. (Normal mobile phone charges apply.)

"Students in the far west of New South Wales start a week later (from Monday, 6 February).

Further information available on the Department of Education and Communities' website includes:

  • tips for parents and students on starting pre-school, starting primary school and moving from primary to high school
  • answers to frequently asked questions about uniforms, school fees and homework
  • school term and holiday dates.

"Other resources, including the department's highly-regarded School A to Z resource, are also available on the website," Mr Prior said.

"In almost 50 community languages, School A to Z gives parents advice about getting involved with their local school and supporting their children's learning. It also includes a webcast on the theme of ‘Getting off to a great start at school'.

"The School A to Z webcast answers questions that parents commonly ask, ranging from how to motive children to learn, through to tips on how to manage technology use at home, bullying, and the importance of strong home – school partnerships."

Parents are encouraged to call their local school from 30 January with any questions they have on individual schools starting dates and times.


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