Accreditation for early childhood teachers

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Early childhood teachers will be accredited alongside their peers in NSW schools, further recognising them as professionals who are making an important contribution to the education of our children.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Minister for Early Childhood Education Leslie Williams have today announced that from this year all NSW teachers will meet the same high standards.

"The NSW Government is recognising that early childhood teachers are professionals – they are university trained, passionate about children and dedicated to educational development," Mr Piccoli said.

"Accrediting all teachers, from early childhood through to high school, is a key factor in our efforts to build on the expertise in the profession.

"NSW accredited teachers not only have the recognised qualifications, they also agree to ongoing training to improve their teaching and, as a result, outcomes for their students."

The policy to accredit early childhood teachers has been developed in close consultation with the early childhood sector.

"I regularly meet early childhood teachers and see firsthand the vital role they play in the beginning stages of learning," Mrs Williams said.

"Accreditation of early childhood teachers will ensure that teachers maintain high standards of teaching practice and as a result young receptive minds will benefit."

To be eligible for accreditation an early childhood teacher will need to provide evidence of approved qualifications, two forms of identification and a current Working with Children Check clearance.

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards will distribute information kits to early childhood teachers and services with details on the accreditation process.


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