$9 million facilities opened at Holroyd School

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Member for Granville Tony Issa today officially opened Holroyd School's new $9 million learning facilities.

Mr Piccoli said this project will enable Holroyd School to remain at the cutting edge of educational provision for students with complex learning needs.

"Holroyd School is one of 19 Schools for Specific Purposes upgraded by the NSW Government using $94 million of residual Building the Education Revolution (BER) funding," Mr Piccoli said.

"This project replaced demountable buildings with new permanent facilities."

Work undertaken as part of the $9 million project included:

  • replacement of demountable classrooms and upgrading existing permanent classrooms to provide 15 new classrooms with practical activities areas, withdrawal spaces and shared change room, shower and toilet facilities;
  • minor refurbishment of an existing classroom block to provide a special education unit, covered walkways, ramps, toilets and laundries; and
  • relocation of other facilities to more convenient locations.

Mr Issa said the Holroyd School first opened in the 1960s as a privately operated school. In the early 1970s, the Department of Education built Holroyd Special School at the western end of the site and later assumed responsibility for the education of students in both schools.

"As the school population grew over the years, nine demountable classrooms and two demountable bathroom blocks were added to the site. The facilities were struggling to meet the needs of the school," Mr Issa said.

"These new facilities provide a 21st Century learning environment with the additional amenities that meet the needs of today's students.

"Holroyd School students are benefitting from a fully accessible learning environment with the space, technology, amenities and play spaces that will continue to excite and engage the students and staff into the future."


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