$7.7M Cabramatta High School upgrade ready to go

3 June 2015

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today officially opened two new buildings with 10 classrooms and an administration block as part of an upgrade at Cabramatta High School.

The $7.7 million investment provides the school with brand new buildings, state of the art technology, such as touch screen whiteboards, as well as refurbishing existing facilities.

"Since 2010, 28 new or refurbished permanent classrooms have been provided to Cabramatta High School, which provides a quality education for 1400 students," Mr Piccoli said.

"This upgrade will allow staff to continue to provide excellent learning opportunities for students in modern facilities.

"I'm proud to have put education at the heart of the NSW Liberal & Nationals Government since 2011.

"Since 2014, $3.6 million in additional Gonski funding has allowed Cabramatta High School to employ four Community Liaison Offers to increase community partnerships, primary school numeracy coaching and improving teacher quality.

The upgrade includes:

  • Construction of a new building, including 10 classrooms, two shared learning spaces, two seminar rooms and two practical activity areas
  • A new school administration block
  • Refurbishment of three classrooms for Science and Visual Arts
  • Refurbishment of eight classrooms for the Intensive English Centre
  • New ramps, stairs and walkways

Cabramatta High School invested a further $800,000 to improve other aspects of the school including: air-conditioning, lighting, drainage, landscaping and interactive white boards.

"The wonderful new facilities at Cabramatta High School will create a learning environment relevant to today's students and will continue to benefit students for many years to come," Mr Piccoli said.


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