$67 million of school maintenance undertaken during holidays

26 January 2014

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli today said that $67.6 million worth of maintenance work was undertaken at nearly 700 schools across the State during the Christmas holidays.

Mr Piccoli said the school holidays provide the opportunity to work on projects such as painting, toilet upgrades and classroom refurbishments.

"Many of these projects are small but they make a very big difference to our schools," Mr Piccoli said.

"Projects can range from fixing a leaking roof to upgrading access for students with a disability.

"In addition to school maintenance projects, work has continued on $95 million worth of capital works including the $20 million relocation of Gosford Public School, a $10 million upgrade of Wangee Park School for Specific Purposes and a $7.9 million upgrade of Killara High School.

"When school returns this week 39 new classrooms will be used for the first time at schools including Oran Park Public School, the Marie Bashir Public School and George Bass School for Specific Purposes.

"In the 2013/14 budget, $420 million of capital works funding is being invested in NSW public schools.

"A four-year, $35 million capital investment and maintenance program will improve facilities at some of the state's most disadvantaged rural and remote schools."

Mr Piccoli said more than 750,000 NSW public school students will return to school from Wednesday 29 January.

"Starting school can be daunting for many students, especially those starting preschool, primary school and high school," Mr Piccoli said.

"Resources to assist with back to school are available online at


"Help is also available to parents and caregivers via the Back-to-School Hotline, 1300 738

338. The hotline will be available between 8:30am and 4:30pm weekdays from Tuesday 28 January until Friday 14 February."


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