$5.7 million facilities opened at Georges River College (NSW)

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli and Member for Oatley Mark Coure today officially opened upgraded facilities worth $5.7 million at Georges River College, Peakhurst Campus.
Mr Piccoli said the upgrade is a major investment in education infrastructure in the local area, providing the school with a state-of-the-art gym.
"Georges River College Peakhurst Campus has been celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and I cannot think of a better way to mark this milestone than with the opening of a modern facility like this one," Mr Piccoli said.
"I am delighted to declare such an outstanding facility open."
The project also included the construction of two multipurpose outdoor courts, covered walkways and landscaping.
The new gymnasium includes a large hall for indoor sports games, a stage with an audio and lighting control room, sports equipment storage areas and student change rooms.
Member for Oatley Mark Coure said this upgrade replaced a binidome at the school and the design of the new gym reflects the latest thinking in school architecture and design.
"I am very proud that the NSW Liberals & Nationals have been able to deliver this much needed project," Mr Coure said.
"It's clear from the way the school is operating and the enthusiasm of staff and students that we are having great success in meeting the challenge of creating learning environments relevant to today's children.
"Credit should go to the school community for its support in the planning and delivery of the project.
"I wish the whole school community all the best in the future use of this wonderful new facility." 


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