Labor lies on NSW Government's record school building program

29 October 2017

In a lazy attack on the NSW Government's once-in-a-generation school building program, Labor has been caught out trying to pass off an out-of-date consultants report as government policy. 

The opposition leader also failed some basic mathematics, failing to calculate the numbers correctly in the out-of-date report. 

Education Minster Rob Stokes said the NSW Government is making the biggest single investment in school infrastructure in NSW history in this year's Budget. 
"We are spending $4.2 billion on new schools and classrooms over the next four years - which will create 1,500 new classrooms," Mr Stokes said.

NSW schools will need to accommodate an extra 269,000 students by 2031, 164,000 of whom will be in the public system. More than 80 per cent of this growth will be in Sydney.

"This is a huge – but exciting – challenge. Enrolments are soaring due to a baby boom, the strong NSW economy attracting young families and world-class academic standards," he said.

Labor's legacy to NSW public schools after 16 years in office was a near billion dollar maintenance backlog bill, which is why the Government is also spending a record $747 million over the next four years on school backlog maintenance, helping to fix problems that had been neglected since the mid 1990's.
Demountable buildings, that are all air conditioned, will always be a feature of the NSW public school system where every child in the state is eligible to seek enrolment in their local school. They allow the state to manage a system that includes over 2200 schools and 800,000 students.


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