Early childhood education strategy focuses on rural kids

Minister for Early Childhood Education Sarah Mitchell today announced children in regional and remote parts of NSW are at the centre of a new early childhood education strategy developed by the NSW Government.

Ms Mitchell said the strategy outlined ways to improve the quality and availability of early childhood education in regional areas through a range of initiatives including teaching scholarships to increase the professionally qualified workforce, infrastructure funding and additional subsidies.

"Statistically, children who grow up outside of the city are more likely to be developmentally vulnerable at the start of school," Ms Mitchell said.

"That is why I am committed to levelling the playing field and giving children in regional and remote areas the best start to their educational journey.

"There are some fantastic preschools and early childhood services operating in regional and remote NSW that are preparing children to be confident life-long learners and we are continuing to build on this."

Ms Mitchell said the Regional and Remote Early Childhood Education Strategy followed extensive consultation with services and peak bodies across the State, including Aboriginal communities.

"The Liberals and Nationals Government understands there are real challenges to delivering quality services in regional and remote areas and I am keen to watch this strategy unfold," she said.

"By overcoming isolation, developing a high-quality workforce, engaging with Aboriginal communities and supporting flexible service delivery, we can achieve our goal of giving every child in NSW the strong start they deserve."

For more information on the strategy, visit the Department of Education website at www.dec.nsw.gov.au.


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