More student places for inner city families

4 May 2016

Planning for a major upgrade that will more than double the number of places at Alexandria Park Community School and relocate the Cleveland Street Intensive English High School will begin shortly, Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli announced today.

The relocation of the Intensive English High School to Alexandria Park will allow construction of the new multi-storey high school on Cleveland Street to commence in 2018. 

The redevelopment at Alexandria Park is due for completion by 2022.

"This is a fantastic outcome for inner Sydney families," Mr Piccoli said.

"Green Square is one of the fastest growing areas in Sydney and the planned expansion at Alexandria Park is a key part of our plan to meet the expected demand for public school places."

The planned redevelopment will:

  • Deliver a multi-storey school to cater for a total of up to 2,200 primary and secondary students on the eastern campus of the Alexandria Park Community School; 
  • Provide more than 1,200 additional student places at Alexandria Park Community School in the Green Square area; and
  • Upgrade the western campus of Alexandria Park Community School to house the relocated Cleveland Street Intensive English High School.

"The eastern site at Alexandria Park is generously sized, and designing the school as a multi-storey facility will in fact allow for increased play space," Mr Piccoli said.

"The planned redeveloped school will also include flexible, future-focused learning spaces which will allow for innovative and engaging teaching practices."

Students at Alexandria Park's western campus will vacate next year to make way for the Intensive English High School, which will operate on the new site from 2018. 

The NSW Government has committed more than $60 million for the new high school on Cleveland Street. 


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