Camden High School

The following information is provided for former students and teachers of Camden High School and current residents close to the old Camden High School site.

An old gasworks was located in John St, Camden and parts of the site were incorporated into Camden High School in 1970 and 1981.

Camden High School was relocated in 2001.

In 1995 initial investigations for school building works unearthed gasworks pipework, with contaminated waste identified in 1996. This waste was capped and contained on the site in early 1997.

Former students or teachers from Camden High School with health concerns they believe are linked to attendance at the former school site should contact the South Western Sydney Local Health District Public Health Unit on 02 9515 9420.

The Department of Education and Communities is available to listen to your concerns and make appropriate referrals. Please contact the senior information officer on 9561 8999.

Fact sheet

Former Camden Gasworks and Camden High School site


Report on geotechnical investigation of proposed school extensions (Jan 1995)

Geotechnical investigation of proposed school admin extensions (Mar 1995)

Preliminary site contamination assessment (Apr 1995)

Stage 2 contamination investigation report (Jul 1996)

Stage 3 site contamination investigation – vol 1 (Aug 1996)

Stage 3 site contamination investigation - vol 2 (Aug 1996)

Site remediation and validation report (Jul 1997)

Landfill environmental management plan (May 1997)

Environmental site investigation (May 2002)

Updated remediation action plan (Aug 2002)

Remediation Action Plan (Aug 2005)


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