Police launches safety campaign

21 November 2011

The New South Wales Police Force has urged people, including students and those who have finished their school studies, to make good decisions and look after themselves and those they care about over the summer holiday period.

The call came at the launch of the Police Force's Play Safe, Stay Safe campaign, which will focus on a number of areas, including school formals and schoolies' events, and road and beach safety.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the summer safety messages were about encouraging people to enjoy themselves without the burden of regret.

"We are coming into the time of the year when people are out and about in increased numbers and are involved in a range of activities," Commissioner Scipione said.

"Inevitably we see injury and death because of risk taking and poor decisions.

Commissioner Scipione suggested people plan ahead and talk to their family and friends about where they are going and what they are doing. 

"Having fun doesn't mean putting yourself or others in dangerous situations," he said.

Watch the Play Safe, Stay Safe community announcement. 


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