NSW leading in science enrolment

22 December 2011

NSW is leading the country in Year 12 science enrolments, according to Board of Studies data.

In 2011, 33,008 students out of a total of 72,391 were enrolled in at least one HSC science course. Since 2001, NSW has had an increase in all its HSC science courses and a 21 per cent increase in enrolments for all the science courses combined.

Biology was the second most popular elective with more students enrolled in it than in business studies. Chemistry and physics also rate highly.

NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said this means the state has bucked the trend of fewer students enrolling in science, "not only in Australia, but in comparison to all OECD countries".

"This is an important reflection of the education system's ability to sustain enrolments in science at a time when more and more students are continuing to senior high school and opting for vocationally-orientated courses," Mr Piccoli said.

"It is also testament to the quality of science teaching in NSW schools."


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