Exhibition unites schools

30 November 2011

An art work that is part of the Breaking the Silence exhibition.

In a bid to tackle the frightening statistic that confirms one in three women will experience violence in their lifetime, 40 Sydney regional schools are holding a week-long art exhibition at the NSW Parliament.

Working for the third year in a row with the White Ribbon Foundation, the exhibition, called Breaking the Silence – Not Silent, Not Violent Exhibition, opens on 30 November.

White Ribbon's unique focus on encouraging males to take the lead to end violence against women inspired a group of male high school principals and other senior male education leaders to embark on a program to foster male leadership in developing respectful relationships in communities.

Look at the artworks.

A long list of violence-prevention related approaches have been incorporated into programs, policies and everyday work with children and their families, in order to create a culture that models and promotes respectful relationships and changes social tolerance of violence against women and girls.

One aspect of the program has shown the usefulness and importance of art and poetry as forms of expression and points of discussion for such a difficult issue, resulting in the schools incorporating artistic and literacy dimensions into the program.

This has led to the professional exhibition of over 100 of these artworks and poetry pieces to draw attention to the White Ribbon Foundation's purpose.

"This program has proved invaluable for the children who have been able to explore, capture and develop their individual and collective ideas on the issue of violence and ways to maintain respectful relationships," Sydney regional director Dr Phil Lambert said.

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