Excellent Service Award winners

Some of the department's most experienced educators and staff have been recognised for their outstanding work in schools and TAFE NSW, receiving the prestigious Director-General's Award for Excellent Service to Public Education and the Meritorious Service to Public Education Award.

Director-General's Award for Excellent Service to Public Education

Each of the 45 recipients has made a significant contribution to public education and training in NSW, with their efforts leading to improvements in the teaching and learning environment at their school, institute or office.

The department's Director-General, Dr Michele Bruniges, said the recipients are brilliant examples of the dedication of staff who work in, and with, schools and TAFE colleges in the state.

"It is these individuals' dedication and commitment that makes our education system world-class," Dr Bruniges said.

Meritorious Service to Public Education Award recipient, Tom Urry, regional director, South Western Sydney

Tom Urry said that public education is unique and special and that each recipient has been inspired by a significant other.

"Working in public education is clearly about the experiences, the honour, and the opportunity, but above all else it is about the people; those we work with, those we work for, and all those others who walk with us along the journey.

Public education is increasingly characterised by a willingness to take appropriate risks. Not a reckless, carefree approach to things but an informed decision to push the boundaries of what we do and how we do it to continually improve the life chances of the students we serve."

Meritorious Service to Public Education Award high commendation, Anne Ford, associate director college, TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute (retired).



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Excellent Service Award winners