Boat shows the cut of Joshua

14 November 2011

Picnic Point High School student Joshua Marshall's boat.

Picnic Point High School student Joshua Marshall has taken his interest in sailing boats to the extreme.

The eighteen-year-old built a 4.8 metre tall by 3.6 metre long boat as his Year 12 industrial technology timber major work.

The vessel, made from marine ply, mahogany, European beech, jarrah and silver ash, is seaworthy.

Joshua began design and construction of the life-sized boat in Term 4 last year at the suggestion of a family member. He said in-depth preparation and planning were the keys to completing such an involved project.

Joshua's industrial arts teacher, Brenton Monger, supported the project from the outset.

"I am always happy when a student wants to build something they are motivated about and I knew Joshua would see the project through," he said.

The unique nature of his project kept Joshua motivated throughout.

"I knew that I had a project that possibly no one else could have made in the time frame," he said.

The school had never seen a major work of such proportion.  The boat, too big to be kept in the industrial arts block, was housed in a shipping container where he could work on it.

Picnic Point High principal Wolly Negroh commended Joshua on an outstanding project.

"The project allowed him to challenge and develop his practical skills and was completed at an extremely high level," he said.

Joshua worked on the boat during class, free periods and after school right up to the August submission date. He estimated he spent "around 5000 hours working on it".

Joshua credited the support of Mr Monger, his school community and his family as having allowed him to complete the project on time.

Joshua's boat has had an impact on the school community, inspiring other students to take up the challenge of completing a major work.

"The students now realise with dedication and motivation anything can be achieved," said Mr Monger.

Joshua recommended to any students who would be completing an HSC major work that they start early and to "build a project that you want to build".

The as-yet-unnamed boat's maiden voyage will be after the HSC.

"There are a few loose ends to be tied up before it can hit the water but I can't wait to celebrate by taking her out for a sail," said Joshua.

Photo by Joshua Marshall


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