A boost for teacher quality

10 November 2011

An investment is being made to improve teacher quality by extending the reach of the Smarter Schools National Partnership Program.

Extra funding support will be offered to NSW government schools already operating as Centres of Excellence and another group of schools will be invited to participate in the new teacher quality project.

The NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said the expansion will enable schools participating in this initiative to better spread the knowledge of best teaching practice.

Thirty-five NSW government schools currently operate as Centres for Excellence. One of the initiatives these schools have developed through the program is strengthened links to university teaching faculties which has increased support to teaching students.

The 13 schools that started as Centres for Excellence last year will now be invited to participate in a one-year transition program, with funding support of up to $200,000, to further embed practices that improve teacher quality.

Read the media release.


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