Secretary's speeches archive

Speech by Libby Gleeson, author
1 August 2016
Speech by Nicole Wade, Principal, Campbellfield Public School
8 March 2016

World Teachers' Day (pdf 32 KB)

Australian Education Union lunch 
30 October 2015

Secretary's briefing to corporate staff (pdf 7219 KB)

July-August 2015

ACER Teacher
29 June 2015

Occasional Address (pdf 89 KB)  
UNSW Arts and Social Sciences graduation ceremony
15 June 2015

Disability Reform (pdf 1342 KB)
Disability Reform Summit 2015 - Australian Council for Educational Leaders
07 May 2015

14 December 2014

Guardian News, Nambucca Heads NSW
09 October 2014

Occasional Address  (pdf 29 KB)
University of Western Sydney
24 September 2014

Sydney Morning Herald article
24 April 2014

Education World Forum, London
21 January 2014

Tumut and Adelong Times
28 October 2013
21 May 2013

Sydney Morning Herald article
1 April 2013 

21st century Skills Forum, Tokyo
14 November 2012

Australian Council for Education Research conference, Sydney 
26 August 2012

Sydney Morning Herald article
14 May 2012

So what? (pdf 559 KB)
University of NSW 
10 May 2012

About the Secretary


Dr Michele Bruniges AM started her career as a classroom teacher in south-western Sydney. As Secretary, Department of Education, she is committed to continually raising the quality of teaching to improve student learning.


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