School administrative and support staff

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Q1. To whom do these FAQs apply?

These FAQs apply to all School Administrative and Support (SAS) staff who are employed under the Education (School Administrative and Support Staff) Act 1987.

This document does not apply to General Assistants and Farm Assistants in schools, who should refer to FAQs developed for Public Service (non-executive) staff.

Q2. What is the GSE Act?

The Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act) replaces the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 and is part of the NSW Government's strategy to modernise the Government Sector. The GSE Act provides a new and simple statutory framework for employment and workforce management.

SAS staff are not part of the Public Service but are part of the Government Sector.

Provisions that only apply to the Public Service in the GSE Act (e.g. employment in a classification of work and assignment to a role) do not apply to SAS staff.

Q3. How will the GSE Act affect SAS staff?

The new Act will apply to the whole of the ‘Government Sector' which includes the Public Service, the Teaching Service, Other Crown Services, State Owned Corporations, the Police Force, Transport Services and Health Services.

SAS staff are classified as one of the ‘Other Crown Services'. Parts 2 and 5 of the GSE Act apply to the Government Sector and will apply to SAS staff.

Part 2 provides an Ethical Framework for the Government Sector. Part 5 deals with a range of matters including workforce diversity, employee transfers and secondments between government sector agencies, performance management/development systems, the management of unsatisfactory performance and conduct etc.

Q4. Will I continue to be employed as an SAS staff member when the GSE Act commences?

Yes. When the GSE Act commences on 24 February 2014, you will continue to be employed as a SAS staff by the Department. There will be no impact on the work that you are currently doing.

Q5. Will there be any changes to my pay and leave entitlements?

No. There will be no changes to your pay and leave entitlements when the GSE Act commences.

Q6. Where can I get further information?

For further information, you can:


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