Chief education officers

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Q1. To whom do these FAQs apply?

These FAQs apply to all persons who are employed as Chief Education Officers.

Q2. Applicability of the GSE to these roles

The Department has been informed by the Public Service Commission that the classification of Chief Education Officer is not subject to the executive reform provisions of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (the GSE Act).

This means that previous advice provided to employees that CEO's would be captured by the GSE Act and the CEO structures would be reviewed by November 2015 to align with the new executive arrangements under the GSE Act no longer applies.

Q3. What does this mean for me if I am employed as a CEO?

While your position is not affected by the GSE Act executive reform process it may be affected by the other restructuring.

Individual portfolio areas will need to consider whether or not CEO positions are required in their new structures.

Q4. If I am applying for a CEO position, do I need to have recent school based experience?

No. The revised definition of recent school based experience for NSBTS will no longer apply to the CEO classification. CEO positions will now be advertised with the selection criteria of: "Tertiary qualifications and extensive current educational leadership experience" .

Q5. Where can I get further information?

For further information, you can:


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