Mark Scott's Update

11 September 2017

School Leadership Strategy

This morning the Minister has announced a comprehensive reform package to support leaders in our schools. It aims to provide better support for the leaders in our schools today and establish stronger pathways of development for those who will lead our schools in the future.

School leaders who make instructional leadership their priority have the biggest impact on student learning. We know this from extensive research and from the everyday experience of our principals, directors, staff and students.

The department commissioned Deloitte to conduct a research study into principals' workload and time use, because we wanted to better understand the pressure points and to identify how we could better support principals to focus on instructional leadership.

The report found that principals' workload has increased in recent years and many school leaders are spending too much time on management and administration.

Today we are announcing a new School Leadership Strategy to better support principals and other school leaders to drive teaching and learning across our 2,200 public schools.

The strategy will be implemented progressively over the next 18 months and commits us to focus on:

  • Quality leadership preparation and development
  • Stronger collegial support
  • Improved services and support to schools.

I encourage you to take a look at the School Leadership Strategy information on our web pages and I look forward to continuing this conversation as we deliver these important leadership reforms.

About the Secretary

Mark Scott, Secretary, Department of Education

Mark Scott is Secretary of the Department of Education. He has worked as a teacher, in public administration and as a journalist and media executive. He is committed to public education and learning environments where every child can flourish.




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