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NSW Governor, David Hurley

08 August 2016

Education Week was a great success this year, with added value from the launch of The School Magazine’s centenary anthology. »

Secretary for a day students and directors

05 August 2016

My thanks, on behalf of the Department of Education, to everyone who made Education Week 2016 such an outstanding success. »

04 August 2016

Students at Greenway Park Public School are building a stronger community as they learn about the cultural backgrounds and experiences of contemporary Australians. »

03 August 2016

During our Education Week celebrations, Lomandra School shares its story about taking a group of students to walk the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. »

Cover of The School Magazine Anthology, For Keeps.

02 August 2016

One hundred years ago the NSW Department of Education had a brave and brilliant idea to give primary school children their own quality literary magazine. »

Secretary for a day students with Acting Secretary

01 August 2016

Today I was shadowed by two impressive students as they experienced what it’s like to be Secretary of the Department of Education as part of our Education Week celebrations. »

01 August 2016

Education Week is a highlight of our calendar and an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of public education in NSW. »


28 July 2016

Today in Dubbo I’m delighted to be attending the Wudhagaragarra Awards that celebrate excellence in Aboriginal education. »

21 July 2016

The last piece of expert research undertaken by Dr Paul Brock AM before he passed away in March has now been published by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation. »

04 July 2016

1 July marked the beginning of the new era in the way disability support is delivered in Australia, with the commencement of transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). »

Acting Secretary's Update

Peter Riordan

Peter Riordan was Acting Secretary of the Department of Education from April 2016 to 31 August 2016. 


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