Our structure

The NSW Department of Education serves the community by leading the provision of world-class education. The department protects young children by regulating preschool and long day care providers. Once children move into school, we provide them with a world-class primary and secondary education. We also work to advance the wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

The department is part of the Education Cluster, led by the Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Minister for Education.
The Hon. Sarah Mitchell, MLC is Minister for Early Childhood Education, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and Assistant Minister for Education.

Department divisions

  • School Operations and Performance 
  • External Affairs and Regulation
  • Strategy and Evaluation
  • Corporate Services

Department executive

  • Mark Scott, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education 
  • Greg Prior, Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance
  • Leslie Loble, Deputy Secretary, External Affairs and Regulation
  • Janet Davy, Deputy Secretary, Strategy and Evaluation
  • Peter Riordan, Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services
  • Jason Ardler, Executive Director, Aboriginal Affairs
  • Philip West, Chief Financial Officer, Education
See the NSW Department of Education organisational chart for more information about our organisational structure.


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Our Ministers

Hon. Rob Stokes
Minister for Education

Hon. Sarah Mitchell
Minister for Early Childhood Education,
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs,
Assistant Minister for Education