Major assets

Section 6(2) of the Government Information (Public Access) Act provides that mandatory access information is to be publicly available on the agency's website unless to do so would impose unreasonable additional costs on the agency. Clause 2 of the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009 requires that Government departments make publicly available under open-access information a list of the Department's major assets, other than land holdings, appropriately classified and highlighting major acquisitions during the previous financial year and the total number and total value of properties disposed of by the Department during the previous financial year.

In 2015, the NSW Department of Education had responsibility for over 25,000 items of major assets and properties. As at 30 June 2016 the Department of Education Gross Carrying Amount (replacement value) for Property, Plant & Equipment was $38 billion and when the accumulated depreciation of $15.59 billion is taken into account, the Net Carrying Amount in the Statement of Financial Position is $22.41 billion.

The Department's major assets and properties include:

  • 1,617 primary schools
  • 67 central schools
  • 113 Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs) and 23 Environmental Education Centres
  • 398 secondary schools
  • 10.630 million square metres gross floor area of school and TAFE buildings (permanent and demountable buildings)
  • 8,517 hectares of school land

To list these items on the website would impose unreasonable costs and impact on the speed and accessibility of the website. The Department's website includes information about how to access information at

Information about some of the Department's major assets and properties is available on the Department's website at under Infrastructure/assets information. This includes the facts sheets:

Appendix 16 of the Department's Annual Report contains information about properties disposed of by the Department for the reporting year. Please note that while the Department reports on a calendar year basis (January to December), financial information is usually collated on a financial year basis (July to June).

  • Appendix 16 – Land Disposal – provides summary detail on land disposal indicating net proceeds and number of disposals in the financial year.
  • In relation to previously reported major assets purchases or acquisitions, following a change to Clause 5(a) of the Annual Reports (Statutory Bodies) Regulation 2010, agencies are no longer required to provide a list of major assets in their annual report. The Department maintains a register of major assets, but given size and complexity of the register, it is not reproduced on the Department's website.

Public access to the Annual Report appendices for 2015-16, the most recent reporting period, is provided at:

For details about specific major assets please the contact the Director, Facilities Management and Advisory Services, Asset Management Directorate by telephone (02) 9561 8000.


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