Be part of an organisation that plays a vital role in developing an egalitarian and socially cohesive Australian society.

Public schools and TAFE institutes are open to all students regardless of cultural or socio-economic background and have always stood for equality of opportunity, fair play, acceptance of diversity and democracy

New South Wales public education models the values that represent the beliefs and aspirations of the Australian community including its concern for equity, excellence and the promotion of a caring, just and civil society.

Promoting integrity and excellence

Today's students will determine Australian society in the future. As a teacher in a New South Wales public school or TAFE institute you will be helping children and young people develop into adults who can contribute to a society that is comfortable with diversity, rejects violence and negative forms of discrimination and is compassionate towards others in need.

Whether you are teacher, a library assistant, or an accountant with the department, you are part of a system which promotes integrity and excellence and the democratic rights and responsibilities on which Australia is built.

A values-based public education and training system respects every one of its staff and students. When you work in the public education system you can enjoy the satisfaction of promoting a fair, democratic and tolerant Australian society, while reaping the personal benefits of a fair and nurturing work environment.

Valuing Aboriginal peoples

We value the skills, experience and knowledge of Aboriginal peoples and are committed to improving employment, education, participation and lifelong learning opportunities for Aboriginal peoples and communities.

Consider the difference our values make.  


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