TAFE careers

As a TAFE NSW teacher you'll enjoy the satisfaction of matching flexible, relevant vocational education to employment opportunities, as new technology changes the way we work.

With 10 institutes across NSW, more than 130 metropolitan and regional campuses – and plans to offer an extra 20 000 places a year – TAFE is actively recruiting for rewarding full-time and part-time teaching and support roles.

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TAFE NSW needs both outstanding career teachers and industry specialists with workplace experiences and skills to share, for courses ranging from mathematics to massage therapy, and from the mechanical trades to marine tourism.

Opportunities are also expanding within TAFE's successful online distance learning program.

A dynamic training network

TAFE NSW is Australia's largest training provider and plays a vital role in developing the skills Australian workers need to thrive in a competitive, globalised economy.

By liaising closely with industry, TAFE is able to offer over 1200 accredited courses which give school leavers, mature students and the underemployed the very best chance of succeeding at work.

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