Qualified teachers

Whether you are an experienced teacher from interstate, overseas or another school system in NSW, or returning to teaching after a prolonged absence, you will find a rewarding teaching future in NSW public schools.

Your decision to become a teacher has ensured that you will make a profound difference to the future. The ability to have a positive impact on the lives of your students is a particularly satisfying achievement.


The NSW Department of Education and Communities is the employer of choice for teachers. When you teach in NSW public schools you are part of an education system that is at the forefront of innovation, with our leading-edge curriculum delivery recognised as one of the most advanced in the world.

Our teachers are among the highest paid teachers in Australia, enjoying great employment benefits and conditions as well as access to a broad range of career pathways in both teaching and non-teaching roles.

We value your teaching experience

Your past teaching experience may entitle you to start on a higher salary, whether you have come from interstate, overseas or another school system, or are resuming your teaching career after caring for your children.

Grow… lead…succeed

As a NSW public school teacher, you choose the direction you want to take your career. The NSW public education system is committed to lifelong learning and to supporting you in your professional development at every stage of your career as a beginning teacher to teacher leader, school executive or school leader.

Having obtained your teaching qualification, you're ready to take the next step of applying to teach with us.


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