Teaching: a most rewarding career

If you want to inspire your community and pass on your skills and knowledge to the next generation, there is no more meaningful way to do it than as a teacher.


And as a teacher with a proud Aboriginal heritage, you have the opportunity to make a real difference to many young lives – not just to Aboriginal youth, but to the wider Australian community as well, as you help them develop a stronger awareness and understanding of Aboriginal peoples and their cultures.

Great incentives, great benefits

Teachers in NSW public schools enjoy a high commencing salary in addition to a whole range of benefits, opportunities, and flexible working conditions.

Teachers who began their careers as Aboriginal Education Officers, Aboriginal Community Laision Officers and other positions within the Department may be entitled to start on a higher commencing salary depending on experience.

Because of its size, the Department is able to offer you a varied range of promotional and career development pathways. With over 2,200 schools statewide, your opportunities to take on leadership and management roles are greatly enhanced.

Extra benefits and incentives

If you choose to teach in certain locations, for example, in non-coastal rural areas, you may be entitled to an additionalrange of benefits, allowances and incentives that, in some locations, could add up to a few thousand dollars extra in your pay packet. Just some of these incentives include rental subsidy of 70% or 90%, locality allowances, an extra week of summer vacation, and more.  


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