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jom bannerThe NSW Department of Education and Communities is committed to increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers employed in NSW public schools.

All levels of the education system require inspired leadership, where Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people work together to prepare the next generations for positive futures.

If you are an Aboriginal person looking for a rewarding and stimulating career and the chance to make a difference at all levels, consider becoming a teacher.

We need primary and secondary teachers, particularly in secondary English, mathematics and science and also in the specialist teaching areas of school counselling and special education.

To help you train as a teacher we offer generous incentives and financial support through our  teacher education scholarships, which provide guaranteed employment on completion of your studies and financial assistance including a $5,000 annual training allowance plus a one-off $3,000 grant when you commence teaching. This comes to $23,000 for a four-year teacher education course. Scholarships are available for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students who wish to become either primary or secondary teachers.

The Department has a number of support strategies for Aboriginal scholarship holders, including personalised assistance and advice; ongoing contact through an informal newsletter; access to online support for beginning teachers and teacher education students; and a mentor to guide you through your first years of teaching.

At university, there is plenty of support for you during your studies. Many universities have Indigenous Education Support Centres providing cultural, personal and academic assistance and advice to Aboriginal students.

Your entry into university is facilitated through a number of pathways that recognise your educational experiences as well as your skills and aspirations. Many who are now teachers, school executives and even education leaders and policy makers have arrived at their current positions through a variety of starting points : some have begun as Aboriginal Education Officers; others have done volunteer work at Aboriginal education centres; and still others have come from different relevant trades or professions.Throughout your teaching career, you will always have the continuous and unstinting support of agencies and groups dedicated to ensuring that your teaching journey is personally and professionally rewarding.

Once you have obtained your teaching qualifications, you will find many opportunities for employment as a teacher in NSW public schools. Casual and temporary teachers are needed in most areas of the State. Permanent teaching opportunities are enhanced for Indigenous teachers through the Department's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Program.

As a teacher with a proud Aboriginal heritage, you have a unique opportunity to share your knowledge, values and cultural experience  with the wider Australian community.

The Department's Aboriginal Human Resource Development Plan 2012 – 2017 (PDF 3.72MB) explains how we will increase Aboriginal staff across all levels in our workforce, build the skills of Aboriginal staff, and support all staff to have a stronger understanding of Aboriginal peoples and their cultures.

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