Future teachers

Are you considering a teaching career?

Teachers make a profound and lasting contribution to the future. Few careers are as professionally rewarding, and personally satisfying, as that of teaching. It is a career where you can actually make a profound and lasting contribution to the future by positively influencing the lives of your students. It is the ultimate fulfilment of your sense of social commitment.

Many teachers point to this very real ability to "make a difference" as the reason for their career choice.

If you have an affinity for working with children and young people, and enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with them, you could make a great teacher.

Teaching also offers a unique arena in which to express your creativity. As a teacher you have the opportunity to share your knowledge of a subject you enjoy, and at which you excel.

A teaching career will offer you attractive working conditions. What's more, it is one of the few professions that offers an ideal and flexible work/life balance. And when you train as a teacher, you are also learning transferable skills that can equip you for many professions outside and beyond the classroom.

Whether you're still at school, a student enrolled or intending to enrol at university, or a skilled worker or professional who is looking for a career change, now is the best time to take your first step to a teaching career. 

When making your decision, it is also important to consider the workforce needs of the Department of Education and Communities – refer to 2014 Teaching Workforce Supply and Demand for details of our teacher supply and demand projections.

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