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If you are appointed permanently to a NSW public school, one of our staffing officers will advise you of the school to which you have been appointed and your entry on duty date.

You should ask the staffing officer for the name of your principal and your principal's contact telephone number.

A letter will follow, confirming the staffing officer's advice and providing you with your Employee ID number and your terms of employment.

You should make contact with your principal as soon as you can and learn what you can about your school, its community, the classes you will be teaching. See if you can arrange a visit before your first day of duty to meet the principal and other staff members. If this is not possible ask the principal to whom you can speak for some background information to assist in preparing you for your first day.

Appointment to a Rural and Isolated Community

If you are appointed to one of our rural remote schools, you should seek information on:

  • availability of short and long term accommodation from a local real estate agent
  • availability of teacher housing. You may also contact the Teacher Housing Authority on telephone 1300 137 343
  • routes of travel to and from the town and transport services. Be aware of road conditions, access during wet weather, distances you need to travel and availability of fuel and general services. Facilities available in urban areas (e.g. ATMs, other banking facilities and retail outlets) may not always be available in small rural and isolated communities, and
  • your entitlement to a relocation subsidy. Where a teacher's first appointment to a school is in the western division of the State they may be entitled to a relocation subsidy when it is necessary to leave their existing residence.

There are also special steps you will need to take if you are travelling to your new appointment in the country in your own vehicle.

  • Make sure your car is in good order and recently serviced.
  • Always carry water.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment to change a tyre and that you can carry out this procedure on your own.
  • You may wish to join a road service organisation e.g. NRMA.
  • Avoid travelling at dusk and at night. Wildlife on the roads is abundant. If you need to drive at night on isolated roads, drive slowly and cautiously.

If travelling to your new appointment in the country using bus, train or air transport:

  • Book ahead to make sure you have a seat.
  • Find out about connecting services.
  • Enquire about travelling with heavy luggage or items such as bicycles. These items may be transported at a different time.

On arrival you should contact the principal of the school and let him/her know you have arrived.


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