Teach what you love

As a teacher in NSW public schools, you will be at the forefront of innovation in curriculum delivery.

You can become a qualified teacher by completing:

  • a double degree program such as a bachelor of science/bachelor of teaching, or
  • an integrated program (such as a bachelor of education degree) which includes both subject content studies and teacher education, or
  • an undergraduate degree and a teacher education course (such as a graduate diploma in education, bachelor of teaching or a master of teaching).

The undergraduate subject content studies in your degree should be aligned to the subject(s) you wish to teach. For primary teaching you need to have a range of undergraduate subject content studies across the primary curriculum areas. For secondary teaching your undergraduate subject content studies must match the subject(s) in which you wish to train to teach.


Information on the eligibility requirements for employment and accreditation as a teacher in NSW schools, including current approved initial teacher education programs, is available from the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards.

NSW public schools deliver high quality, internationally competitive education and training from early childhood through to Year 12. It is a broad arena in which you can choose to share your knowledge in a field that interests you, and in one that you excel.

Primary and early childhood teaching

Guiding students through their first years of learning is one of the most important responsibilities you can have as a teacher, and one of the most rewarding.

Secondary teaching areas

NSW secondary school teachers deliver one or more subjects in Year 7 to Year 12. These subjects are broadly grouped into eight key learning areas: creative arts, English, human society and its environment, languages, mathematics, personal development, health and physical education, science and technology. 

Specialist teaching areas

With additional study, you can broaden your teaching range and expertise by teaching in a number of specialist areas including careers advising, English as a second language, school counselling, special education, teacher librarian, and vocational and education and training.

Hear from a number of our teachers who gladly share their experiences in NSW public schools.


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