Temporary teacher programs

The Department's temporary teacher programs have been successfully helping schools meet their casual or temporary teacher staffing needs since 2002.

The Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS) assists schools to attract and engage suitable relief teachers. The scheme identifies and engages teachers for employment on a long-term temporary or even permanent basis. TRS teachers can be employed to cover day to day relief or vacancies created by teachers taking leave.

Local Area Relief (LAR) is a pool of itinerant relief teachers available for employment in identified school staffing areas in western and south western Sydney.

Rural Area Relief (RAR) is a pool of itinerant relief teachers employed to meet the short-term relief needs of schools in identified rural and regional areas.

Working as a LAR or RAR teacher involves travel between schools which can be significant in rural areas. Teachers in LAR and RAR positions are required to have a reliable and fully insured vehicle and are reimbursed for their travel expenses on a per kilometre basis.

Teachers employed under these programs need to be flexible and prepared to teach across a range of subject areas and age ranges.

To be considered for employment as a teacher under these programs you need to be actively registered with Casual.Direct. The schools that use these programs most are located in western and south western Sydney and in non-coastal rural NSW so you'll need to ensure these staffing areas are included in your registration. Update your registration at any time.

Schools can also publish details of their temporary teaching vacancies through the teach.NSW JobFeed service. Subscribe to JobFeed to receive direct notification of these jobs as well as other news and employment opportunities. You can opt out at any time.


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