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Qualified teachers who are travelling to Australia on working holiday visas are ideally placed for casual teaching in New South Wales public schools.


Are you a teacher with teaching qualifications obtained overseas, and headed to Australia for a working holiday? Do you want to experience teaching and learning in another country and earn travel and holiday money at the same time? If so, then why not consider teaching in a NSW public school.

New South Wales, the premier State of Australia, covers 802,000 square kilometres and is home to more than 6 million people. Its capital is Sydney, Australia's largest and probably best known city with landmarks such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge recognised around the world. New South Wales offers spectacular scenery, golden beaches, friendly people and an enviable lifestyle and climate.

The public education system in NSW is responsible for the education of nearly three quarters of all school aged children in more than 2,200 public schools. Schools range from small schools in the country to large city high schools. There are schools for academically gifted students and other specialist schools such as performing arts and sports high schools The four-term school year begins in late January, at the height of the antipodean summer, and ends in mid-December, with three two-week breaks between each 10 or 11 week term.

There is a high demand for casual teachers in both primary and secondary schools throughout NSW. These day-to-day or short-term temporary teaching positions may suit some overseas trained teachers travelling to Australia on a working holiday visa.

Casual teachers can teach across the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools regardless of their area of teacher training. From January 2013, experienced four-year trained casual teachers earn a generous daily rate of up to AUD 356, and enjoy flexible working conditions. Combined with the opportunity to travel and work in city, coastal and country schools, you're sure to have some great experiences.

Further Information about working holiday visa requirements can be obtained by visiting the Department of Immigration & Citizenship website.

Once you have finalised your entry requirements you will need to complete an application for employment as a teacher. Click here to apply to teach with us. Successful completion of essential employment checks is also a requiried to obtain approval for casual employment.

To help you find a job you can register with Casual.Direct, which matches up your teaching qualifications and location preferences with current vacancies in our public schools.

Overseas trained teachers who are already in Australia on a working holiday visa are encouraged to apply for employment as a casual teacher. You can email teach.NSW if you have any queries.


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