Local transfer scheme

The Local Transfer Scheme provides opportunities for permanent classroom teachers and executive staff (other than principal) to gain new skills, experiences and professional understandings.


The scheme allows a permanent transfer to occur between teachers at the same position level or similar subject/teaching accreditation within the same school staffing area.

Permanent classroom teachers and executive staff in NSW public schools who have been at their current school for five years or more and satisfy the eligibility criteria for the position to which they are seeking transfer.

Teachers and executive staff are not eligible to participate in the scheme if:

  • they have been identified as experiencing difficulty with their teaching performance
  • they are currently subject to disciplinary procedures
  • participation in the scheme would change return-to-work or prevent a return-to-work plan from being achieved in regard to any current workers compensation claim.

Teachers who successfully apply for permanent transfer under the scheme will enjoy the employment conditions applicable to their new school. The benefits under the Transferred Officers' Compensation determination do not apply. Successful applicants will commence duties in their new schools on day one of term one.

Read the Local Transfer Scheme Guidelines (PDF .015M) for more detailed information about eligibility and the application process.

Permanent teachers and executive staff in NSW public schools who wish to apply for transfer through the Local Transfer Scheme will need to submit an application using the online transfer system for teachers.



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