Explore your future

Explore your future

The Explore Your Future program offers undergraduate teacher education students the chance to experience schools located in areas of NSW that hold the greatest number of future employment opportunities.

Explore Your Future provides valuable experiences to assist you in making choices about your teaching future in NSW public schools.

If you are contemplating a teaching career in the country, you should consider Explore Your Future - Beyond the Line for a chance to experience the country lifestyle firsthand, and maybe even stay long enough to do some classroom teaching in a rural school.

If you want to teach in a metropolitan school, think about Explore Your Future - Beyond the Bridge, which takes you to schools in western and south western Sydney.

Access to these programs varies with different universities, and can be advised by your professional experience co-ordinator.

A new initiative under the Explore Your Future program invites current executive staff, as well as experienced teachers aspiring for leadership positions, to go on a Beyond the Line – School Executive visit to discover the promotional opportunities available in country NSW.


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