Casual.Direct is our automated casual teacher staffing system.

This statewide service provides many advantages to our schools and our approved casual teachers.

If you have current approval to teach as a casual or temporary teacher in our schools, you may register with Casual.Direct to be considered for casual teaching employment by completing the Casual.Direct Teacher Registration Form (PDF 3.7MB), and send to along with a copy of your approval letter and E-safety certificates.

Once you have registered with Casual.Direct a staffing officer may contact you between the hours of 6.00am to 10.00am or 3.30pm to 7.30pm to offer you a casual teaching engagement. You will be advised of the school name, name of the principal, the school address and telephone number.

Teachers registered with Casual.Direct are also considered for temporary teaching opportunities by the Teacher Relief Scheme to assist schools in covering longer term temporary vacancies.

To change your bank details please send this Bank Details Form (PDF 1.9MB) to eCPC.

In order to ensure our list of available casual teachers is current, all casual teachers who have not been engaged in at least the last three years are being deleted from our Casual.Direct database. If you are affected by this and wish to continue to be considered for casual employment, then please re-register using the Casual.Direct Teacher Registration Form (PDF 3.7MB).

Casual.Direct supports schools

Many of our schools enjoy the benefits of Casual.Direct. Schools need to make only one request to book one or more qualified casual teachers through the department's website, by telephone or email, saving the school significant time.

To avail of this service for the first time, register your school by completing the Casual.Direct School Registration Form (PDF 842KB).

Once registered, you can book one or more casual teachers by:

  • phoning 1300 660 338 
  • phoning 1300 660 338 press the "Star" key (*) to speak directly with a Staffing Officer between the hours of 6.00am to 10.00am or 3.30pm to 7.30pm, Monday to Friday during school terms
  • emailing Casual.Direct

Casual.Direct statistics

The following table indicates the number of schools and casual teachers registered with Casual.Direct.

Year Teachers Schools


  1,805    402
2003   9,750 1,212
2004 16,732 1,365
2005 20,071 1,471
2006 22,246 1,512
2007 26,141 1,512
2008 30,393 1,583
2009 32,250 1,606
2010 40,052 1,625
2011 44,604 1,663

The following table indicates the success rate of Casual.Direct in filling school requests for casual teachers.

Year Requests received Requests resolved Success rate (%)


3,025 2,681 89
2003 22,618 19,200 85
2004 22,532 20,878 93
2005 28,745 26,490 92
2006 26,325 24,981 95
2007 27,917 25,777 92
2008 25,671 23,286 91
2009 21,973 20,473 92
2010 16,789 15,836 94
2011 18,317 17,366 95
2002-2011 219,325 202,175 92%


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