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What is teach.NSW?

teach.NSW is a unit within the People and Services Directorate of the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Our role is to help attract the right people to teaching careers in NSW public schools, with a special focus on the subject areas and locations where the greatest needs exist. Our work takes us to schools, universities and careers events, and we have a rapidly growing online presence to meet our audiences, including through social media. Engage with us today on:

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Frequently asked questions

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I'm a qualified teacher already on your system and have an enquiry. Who do I contact?


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Call 1300 300 498 (OPTION 2) to discuss or make amendments to your details, application, status. This includes questions about staffing codes, assessment of prior service (salary review) and the application process. For specific staffing matters please contact the Department's School Staffing area on 13 10 75.

I'm a qualified teacher but have not yet applied for approval to teach in NSW public schools. What do I do next?


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The application process is outlined in detailed.

I'm a current school student or school leaver considering a career in teaching.


Read more about considering a career in teaching

It's one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Teaching may very well be the right career choice for you. Check out the website for information on how to get started.

I'm a current university student not studying education but am considering a career in teaching.


Read more about considering a career in teaching

The degree you're currently undertaking could lead you to a rewarding teaching career. Check out the website for information on how to get started.

I'm a skilled professional considering a career change in to teaching.


Read more about a career change to teaching

If you are an industry professional, you could turn your skills and knowledge into a whole new career as a teacher. Check out the website for information on how to get started.

I would like to know more about the Department's programs and initiatives for those interested in teaching careers.


Read more about the departments programs and initiatives

Check out the website for detailed information about all of the current programs and initiatives such as Teacher Education Scholarships, teach.Rural Scholarships, Great Teaching Inspired Learning Cadetships and Internships, and the teach.NSW Beyond the Line and Beyond the Bridge programs. Specific programs will often have a dedicated hotline to call for additional information/assistance. For further details please refer to the web page for the program of your choice.

I'm a final year education student and would like to know more about the Graduate Recruitment Program.


Read more the graduate recruitment program

teach.NSW representatives visit all NSW University campuses to provide Graduate Recruitment information sessions. Check the GRP website for session details and a comprehensive overview of the process. Further enquiries should be directed to the GRP team via email.

Email us at

Call us 1300 300 498 (option 1)

Visit us teach.NSW Customer Service Centre
Ground Floor, 22 Main Street
Blacktown NSW
(opposite railway station)

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Other enquiries

Application for approval to teach

Tel: 1300 300 498 (option 2)
Email: Teacher Recruitment Unit
Mailing Address: Locked Bag 3003, Blacktown NSW 2148

Portal access, DET user ID and password

Tel: 1800 338 483

School staffing

Tel: 13 10 75
Email: School Staffing Unit
Mailing Address: Locked Bag 3003, Blacktown NSW 2148

Leave and salary

Employee Service Centre - North (Newcastle) - for school teachers in these regions: Hunter & Central Coast, Northern Sydney, Western Sydney, New England and North Coast

Tel: 1300 338 001
Email: Employee Services Newcastle
Mailing Address: Locked Bag 6, Hamilton Delivery Centre, Hamilton NSW 2303

Employee Service Centre – South (Wollongong) - for school teachers in these regions: Illawarra & South East, Riverina, South Western Sydney, Sydney and Western NSW

Tel: 1300 338 002
Email: Employee Services Wollongong
Mailing Address: Employee Services Wollongong, Locked Bag 12, Wollongong East NSW 2520