School learning support officers

School learning support officers, under the supervision and direction of a teacher, assist in classroom activities, school routines, and the care and management of students with special needs.

Generally, their role includes assisting teachers in school and community centres to:

  • implement individual education programs (IEPs)
  • provide opportunities for students to develop personal, social, independent, living and pre-vocational skills
  • attend to the personal care needs of students, and
  • operate audio-visual aids, duplicating, issuing learning materials and clerical duties.

There are several types of school learning support officer roles; including general school learning support officers, school learning support officer (pre-school), school learning support officer (braille transcriber), school learning support officer (sign interpreter), and school learning support officer (ethnic).

How are jobs filled?

Many of these jobs are advertised on our job search site. Our schools welcome your application. Use our school locator to find a school that may suit you and either contact them directly to enquire about vacancies or check for advertised permanent vacancies on jobs.nsw.

Current school learning support officers may be eligible to apply for transfer.


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