School support roles

In addition to the teachers, there are many other non teaching roles available for people interested in working in schools. These roles are very important in combining with the work of the teachers to ensure all students are provided with the greatest possible opportunity to reach their full potential.

The roles are involved in various aspects of the running of the school; for example some roles involve work in the front office, some involve lawn mowing and grounds maintenance, some involve financial management and some roles are for people able to assist students with special needs.

Some of the roles for staff other than teachers include:

1. School administrative and support staff:

  • Aboriginal education officers (AEO)
  • School administrative managers (SAM)
  • School administrative officers (SAO)
  • School learning support officers  (SLSO)

2. Farm assistants (FA)

3. General assistants (GA)

4. Business managers

5. Paraprofessionals

Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders are encouraged to apply

Our  Aboriginal Human Resource Development Plan 2009-2011 (PDF 1.51MB) explains how we will increase Aboriginal staff across all levels in our workforce, build the skills of Aboriginal staff, and support all staff to have a stronger understanding of Aboriginal peoples and their cultures.

In schools with significant Aboriginal enrolments, Aboriginal officers work closely with staff to develop culturally appropriate resources and programs and provide valuable role models for Aboriginal students. Go to our dedicated section on career pathways for Aboriginal people to find out more.  

Allocation of school administrative support staff to schools  

Schools may employ the number of school administrative and support staff (SASS) they are entitled to, according to the staffing formula. There is a different formula for each type of school i.e primary schools, secondary school and specific purpose schools

The SASS time calculator (XLS 0.01MB) is used to calculate the hours of work for  school administative officers and school administrative managers.

Filling Vacant Positions

Vacant positions in schools are filled in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Awards (intranet only).

Initially, existing permanent employees with priority for transfer are considered for appointment to vacant positions. If the position is not needed for the placement of an employee with priority status, the appointment of an eligible long term temporary employee may be considered for some SASS categories. Should the position remain unfilled, employees with service transfer requests are considered next. Remaining positions are advertised and filled through the merit selection process.

Finding the right job for you

Our schools welcome your application. Use our school locator to find a school which may suit you. You may wish to contact them directly to enquire about vacancies. You can also check for advertised permanent vacancies on jobs.nsw. 


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