Leadership roles

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In building a "good school" the single most important factor is effective leadership.

Our school leaders occupy a unique place in NSW's quality education system, building morale and nurturing a culture of pride and respect.

Inspire and manage

School leaders are responsible for educational programs and learning outcomes, the management and professional development of their staff, school finances and property and the relationships between the school and its community. They understand education because they are accomplished teachers themselves.

And, our school leaders are passionate about the role of public education in Australian society. By ensuring every child, regardless of their circumstances or background, has the opportunity to develop academically and socially, our public schools are a vital pillar of an inclusive democracy.

Opportunities to lead

We need outstanding candidates who thrive in the dynamic, complex environment of a public school for the positions of:

  • school and college principals
  • deputy principals
  • head teachers
  • assistant principals
  • teacher mentors.

We need candidates who can both inspire and manage and who understand how education policy and curriculum changes impact their people. Great school leaders empower both their teachers and their students.

We understand the value of leadership and offer generous salaries, supportive conditions and attractive benefits.

School leadership roles offer our teachers rewarding career pathways. We invite you to consider your future as an educational leader.



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