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Temporary Classroom Teacher positions


Current as at 17 December 2014. No new positions advertised until Jan 2015.

Non-school based teaching positions

In addition to the temporary teaching positions listed above, there may be opportunities to fill day-to-day relief or longer-term temporary teaching positions in rural locations. Visit Casual.Direct to register for relief and temporary teaching positions in rural locations. Casual.Direct is the Department's automated casual teacher staffing system. Teachers can update their registration on Casual.Direct at any time by completing the Casual.Direct teacher amendment form available on the Casual.Direct website.

Note: There are a range of incentives that may apply to teaching positions in rural and remote areas of NSW, including relocation subsidies, additional training and development days, generous rental subsidies and, for Western Division schools, an extra week of summer vacation. In addition, teachers relocating to rural and remote locations may be eligible for the NSW Government's Regional Relocation Grant. Visit for more information.

Try out the teach.NSW benefits calculator to see which benefits apply for teachers employed at these schools.

The Teacher Housing Authority website is a useful source of information regarding accommodation for teachers in rural areas.

Permanent Principal, Executive and Classroom Teacher positions

Due to the Christmas holiday period, there is only one new permanent position being advertised this week. The closing date for the position below is 16 January 2015.

Executive Principal position
Executive Principal Connected Communities - Walgett Community College High School Western NSW

Permanent Principal, Executive and Classroom Teacher positions closing 17 December 2014

Principal positions
Assistant Principal positions
Head Teacher positions
Classroom Teacher positions - Secondary
Classroom Teacher positions - Primary
Special Education Teacher Librarian positions Teacher Community Languages positions


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