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If you would love to teach or to work in a school support role, consider the rewards of a career in public education.

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Our public schools lie at the heart of every local community.

Whether you join us as a teacher, a school leader, an assistant or a specialist, your contribution matters. When you work in our quality public education system you motivate students to achieve their personal goals and to recognise their abilities and talents.

At the same time, our public education system is ready to nurture your career. When you work in a public school you'll enjoy the personal rewards of making a difference to children's lives as well as the benefits of generous pay and flexible working conditions.

We invite you to consider the wide range of career options on offer in our schools.


As a teacher, you make the difference. Quality teaching is the most important single factor in enhancing a child's performance at school.

Leadership roles

We need leaders who can both inspire and manage and who understand how education policy and curriculum changes impact their people. Great school leaders empower both their teachers and their students.

Specialist support

Qualified teachers can develop their skills in a range of areas, including:

  • careers advice
  • English as a second language
  • special education
  • student welfare.

School support

NSW public schools employ a range of assistants who help with administration, financial management and maintenance as well as learning programs.

School careers for Aboriginal peoples

Within the school environment, Aboriginal employees are required in positions at all levels. Aboriginal  peoples can apply for advertised identified or mainstream positions with the department.

Supported Students, Successful Students

School Counselling Service Scholarships

School Counsellors and School Psychologists apply their psychological expertise to support students to achieve cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

They provide counselling and psychological assessment of students. They complement and enhance the work of teachers to strengthen student learning and wellbeing outcomes. 

Scholarships are available for suitably qualified candidates to join the school counselling workforce.


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Teachers in NSW public schools make a difference every day.