Staff profiles

Aboriginal people work in a wide variety of roles across the department - in schools, TAFE institutes and our corporates areas. 

Teela Reid

Teela ReidPersonal Development, Health and Physical Education teacher, Gorokan High School 

Prior to working for the department, Teela worked as a support officer for an Aboriginal young leaders' program, travelling into rural and remote NSW communities mentoring selected young Aboriginal leaders. Read more


Paul Callaghan

Paul callaghan Institute director, New England Institute of TAFE

Paul's career has changed track numerous times, working in such roles as surveyor, draftsman, Aboriginal sites officer, senior policy officer, office administrator, marketing officer, economics lecturer, oyster farmer and client services officer.

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Matt Pinchbeck

Matthew PinchbeckTeacher, Normanhurst West public school

"Teaching can be one of the most rewarding jobs. It is not easy and can have its down times but for me the rewards outweigh the negatives."

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Emma Lowrie

Emma Lowrie

Teacher at the Royal Far West school, Manly

"It is a fantastic career. There is a lot of support out there and someone who is always more than willing to help you out."

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Wallula Munro

Wallula Munro

Aboriginal support officer, Aboriginal Education and Training directorate

Her role involves designing materials for conferences, awards, meetings and events. Wallula is a qualified graphic designer, and since being employed with the department has been provided with opportunities for further skill development. Read more.

Tammy Anderson

Tammy Anderson

Assistant principal, Rosemeadow Public School

"I really want to continue to work hard with courage and determination, to foster and support positive changes in education with a particular focus on Aboriginal education." Read more.

Claire Dodds

Claire DoddsActing strategic coordination officer, Sydney

Claire works in the Aboriginal Education and Training Directorate as the acting strategic coordination officer. Her own career path has taught her that everybody has something to offer the department, regardless of their background. Read more.

Loraine Bright

Loraine BrightStudent attendance and support officer, Wyong High School

"I was given a lot of support and encouragement which made me believe in myself and feel I was worthy of my position. Opportunities such as the mentor program have proven this to me and shown others in my workplace the value of team work." Read more

Stella Lamb

Aboriginal community liaison officer, Tamworth

"The interaction of sharing good and bad times and seeing the funny side of things in my job makes it more fantastic. But most of all I love visiting schools, meeting and speaking with all of the students, principals and teachers." Read more

Travis Caruana

Travis Caruana

Personal development, health and physical education teacher, Vincentia High School

"Being in the public education system as a positive role model, encouraging and demonstrating to all students the capacity to achieve is extremely important."

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Nathan Towney

Nathan TowneySenior education officer, Aboriginal education and engagement, south western Sydney region

"Some of the roles I have undertaken in schools include sports organiser, year advisor, SRC coordinator, head teacher and relieving deputy principal."

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Rohan Mason

School administration manager, Goodooga Central School, Bourke

Aboriginal peoples are best able to make decisions and advocate for our children.  Aboriginal parents feel more comfortable coming into the school with familiar faces to greet and assist them." Read more.


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