Career pathways

Whatever your previous work and life experience, there are career opportunities for you in the department.

Aboriginal peoples are employed as directors, principals, school executive, consultants, teachers, office staff, support officers, development managers, policy and project officers and administrative staff.

We have full-time and part-time jobs. We have jobs open to all applicants and jobs identified for Aboriginal peoples.

There are many, varied pathways to a satisfying career. We understand that all life experiences build your capabilities. We value not only your work experience and education, but the skills you have developed in raising a family or running a household, or in sport or other community roles.

Here are some possible career pathways for you to consider.

School teaching

There are many ways that you can teach in a NSW public school and contribute to a system that values Aboriginal heritage and identity. The department offers a range of teachers' scholarships to help you achieve your career goals.

School administration and support careers

School administration and support roles make an important contribution to the education of Aboriginal students. There are a variety of roles, many involve the planning and maintaining of school routines and managing the school's financial and administrative functions.

TAFE careers

TAFE reaches more Aboriginal students than any other Australian training organisation and its Aboriginal staff are crucial to its success. It places great importance on employing Aboriginal teachers and support staff in key positions.

Corporate careers

Corporate staff in our state and regional offices play an essential leadership and management role. With 1.5 million students using our services each year, and a workforce of almost 100,000, we need Aboriginal staff at every level to help us shape policies and programs.

Support and development

You will be supported from the moment you begin work with an induction program. There are networking and mentoring programs to support you. And you will be encouraged to develop your career through opportunities for job rotation, temporary appointments, secondments, work shadowing and study leave.


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What I believe

Believe in yourself, believe in your future, give everything your best shot. Don't be afraid to test yourself in new roles, believe in what you have to give to our community

Paul Callaghan, TAFE institute director