Graduate roles

The department offers opportunities to graduates seeking an interesting and rewarding career through its Graduate Recruitment Initiative.

What support is available to graduate recruits upon appointment?

If successful in being appointed you will be supported throughout your first year of employment to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace and to help you develop as a professional.

Support involves:

  • comprehensive induction
  • structured learning and development opportunities, including programs to assist you to work effectively in the public sector, improve your communication and project management skills and management and leadership development
  • work assignments and stretch projects to build critical capabilities
  • GradLink - a professional learning and network support initiative sponsored by human resources directorate
  • a GradBud - an existing graduate employee who provides collegial support to you
  • a mentor to assist you in your transition to the department's workplace and to provide career guidance
  • a network of existing graduates under the auspices of the department's Young Professionals' Network.

Is the Graduate Recruitment Initiative for me?

Are you:

  • a graduate who has completed a bachelor degree from an Australian higher education institution within the last five years
    (Note: Most advertised graduate positions require qualifications that have been conferred within the last five years from the date of advertising. However, this may vary from position to position and you need to carefully check the qualification requirements of each position that you are interested in)
  • an overseas trained graduate who has completed a bachelor degree which is recognised as being equivalent to a bachelor degree within the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition Guidelines or by a relevant qualification assessment authority within the last five years (refer to the applicable note above)
  • motivated to make a contribution to the community of NSW
  • seeking an interesting and rewarding career
  • looking for a competitive salary, excellent working conditions and a culture of professional support

then you may be interested in applying for a graduate position with us.

How to apply

Positions are identified as graduate positions and advertised as they become available at:

  • the department's website DEC Careers and selecting "Corporate positions (external)' and search for 'graduate' in the Position Title field or search in the field Level – Clerk Grades 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.
  • the NSW Government website


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