Corporate careers

To meet the high expectations of public schools and TAFE institutes across New South Wales, we recruit the most outstanding individuals for our corporate roles.

With over 1.5 million students using our services each year, and a workforce of more than 96 000 (full-time equivalent), we look for the highest levels of commitment and ability in our corporate staff.

Corporate office staff

Your corporate career with the department may start upon graduation or while you're still studying. Or you might join us as a qualified and experienced professional. And you may or may not have a background in education. Find out about the department's Graduate Recruitment Initiative.

An open, collaborative environment

Whether you are dealing with people in HR, building an IT network, handling clerical and administrative tasks or creating a policy framework, you'll be working in an open, collaborative environment that offers personal development and challenges.

We value the personal qualities of our staff and the diversity of individual viewpoints. Irrespective of your area of expertise, your background or your stage in life, we welcome your contribution to the department's ongoing achievements in providing high-quality education and training services.

A wide range of opportunities

With corporate roles spanning a range of fields, from legal services and finance to communications and policy development, we are always ready to offer new opportunities to the right candidates.

We encourage graduates, Aboriginal people and people with a disability to apply.

Graduate roles

Graduates in gowns and hats.

Find out about the graduate roles offered in the corporate area. Positions are located in state and regional offices, and TAFE NSW institutes. The Graduate Recruitment Initiative offers an excellent career pathway and provides a springboard to other positions within the department.

Senior roles

Find out about the senior roles offered in the corporate area. No matter how you want to apply your experience and hone your skills, we offer you with a range of opportunities to match your abilities and ambitions.


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