Leadership Pathways

Assisting aspiring and current leaders on the pathway to success


From early in their careers many teachers show leadership potential. School leaders take different steps on their development pathway. We will provide support for the development of school leaders at each promotional level. We will be proactive in identifying future school leaders and ensure they get the information, professional learning and leadership development support they need to become effective leaders. This support will be aligned to individual development goals and linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Leadership Profiles.

Key highlights: 

  • Teachers who demonstrate potential for school leadership will be identified early and given professional support. 
  • Current and aspiring principals will be able to assess their capabilities and plan their development aligned with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Leadership Profiles. 
  • Current and aspiring principals can use the new Leadership Pathways website to find resources to support their own leadership development needs. 

    For aspiring and current leaders looking to find out more, a new
    Leadership Pathways page has been launched on the NSW Department of Education intranet site (link is only available to staff of the department).


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