Schools of the 21st Century

We need to equip our students for the world of tomorrow. That's why we are delivering up to 1,600 new or refurbished classrooms and learning spaces across NSW. It's an important investment to help all students build the required skills for successful lives.

21st Century Classroom

Students learning with new technologies

Education in the 21st century is a high stakes enterprise
Our education system will ensure that young people are prepared with the capacity to think, solve problems, and thrive in a changing society.  Learning spaces will be future-focused learning environments, and have capacity to adapt to the continual changes in technology.
Learning spaces will be adapted to meet the needs of creative and critical thinkers in preparation of roles in the workforce that are yet to be created. Teaching and learning spaces will be more flexible, with partitions which are able to be opened and closed to meet specific learning styles and needs. 
Increased digital connectivity for all schools will lead to learning spaces changing to incorporate a different style of interaction between those who are locally and physically present and those who connect remotely.  
Quality Teaching Matters
Technology on its own will not deliver an improved learning experience for students. Across the world it is well recognised that quality teaching is the single most influential factor on student learning. We need to plan to adapt teaching and learning to new technologies. 
Technology is a wonderful enabler for learning and innovation, but great teachers still need to have high expectations for every student, a deep understanding of their subject content and a capacity to inspire and motivate students, just as they have done in previous generations. 
The Connected Classrooms Program
Our NSW Connected Classrooms Program has funded interactive classrooms and upgraded network infrastructure in all public schools. Each school has interactive whiteboards, data projector, control computer, network device and video-conferencing tools to support teaching and learning.
In NSW we have provided a laptop computer for every student in Years 9 to 12 (upper secondary school), wireless networks, school technology support officers and professional learning and curriculum support for teachers under this program. 
Benefits for students
Technology has opened up new forms of learning and creative expression for students. It has allowed them to take greater control of their learning. Students can have a real-time lesson with NASA astronauts, take a virtual tour of the world's great museums and galleries, contact students in other countries and other parts of Australia and rehearse for performances via video-conference. Technology is breaking down barriers of geography and time zones. Students in regional and remote parts of New South Wales can access curriculum experts online or by video-conference.   


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