Fairvale High School

Project overview


The proposed capital works project to Fairvale High School focuses on the construction of 30 permanent teaching spaces with associated toilets, expansion of the staff and administration areas and a new multipurpose building to upgrade and replace the Bini Dome.

This upgrade is being undertaken to cater for future growth within the catchment area and will provide space for approximately 600 students, increasing the school's total capacity to 1550.

The upgrade project will involve:

  • building a new multipurpose facility
  • demolition of the Bini Dome
  • permanent teaching spaces that are future-focused and flexible learning environments in line with the department's Education Facilities Standards and Guidelines
  • replacement of classroom demountables with a new three storey building, which will have some administration on the ground floor and classrooms above
  • renewal of the area where the current demountables are, to reclaim green space
  • existing car parking to be retained.

A Project Reference Group (PRG) has been established and is providing input into the design phase. The PRG endorses all designs and staging plans, and assists in communicating the project status to the school and its community. The PRG members include the Director Public Schools NSW, school representatives (including principal, parent and/or community representatives) and the project team.



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