Byron Bay Public School

Thank you for your interest in the new Byron Bay Public School upgrade project.

The project page you are trying to access is not being updated as we are currently developing a new website for School Infrastructure NSW featuring major works project information. This is not a reflection of the project's progress, but a way for us to consolidate information and ensure the greatest accuracy is provided to the public.

We appreciate your patience while we work to deliver this renewed and user-friendly information hub for our new schools and major capital works upgrades. The new project website site will be ready by December 2017. 

In the meantime, please direct any questions regarding the progress of this project to

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to sharing more information with you soon.

Project overview


We are planning a major capital works upgrade at Byron Bay Public School that will replace existing demountables with permanent classrooms. The design of the new areas will incorporate future-focused learning strategies that support the needs of Byron Bay students and their community, and provide a learning-centered approach to education.

A Project Reference Group (PRG) has been established to provide input to the project team, and communicate progress to the school community.

Along with representatives from the department's Asset Management team, the architect and project manager, the PRG includes:

  • Dave Harvey – Director, Public Schools NSW, Lismore Network (Chair)
  • Linda Trigg – Principal, Byron Bay Public School
  • Celia Cheetham – Parent Representative


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